Advertising Options and Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in HOOK and HUNT TV.COM!

We reach sportsman indoors who crave the outdoors.

Hook and Hunt TV.COM offer its viewer’s educational, professional and entertaining segments that catch and hold their attention.  The show features host Jim Crowley who has been known for years throughout the Midwest, as an accomplished outdoorsman, traveler, photographer and highly energetic seminar speaker.  Jim’s extreme passion for the outdoors is engraved in every aspect of the show.  The Hook and Hunt TV.COM weekly newsletter is sent out every other Monday to inform viewers about that week’s show.  So, in essence, the show is sent to viewer’s viewer’s in box to view on their schedule.  If they miss a segment, they can easily see any episode at a later date in the archived section and our YouTube Page. 

Main Page Advertising

May 1st of each year starts our new season. New advertisers can be prorated.  The fee covers a clickable link to your site right from the main page with 24/7 and 365 days of constant viewing. (Filming options are available and depending on services added cost may incur.)   Also Main page advertising allows your product to be viewed and mentioned on the show. Your cost, 2500.00 per year PLUS product.

Weekly Commercial

H&H’s, on target, hard hitting weekly commercials that highlight your product in every show. Your product will be advertised 52 weeks a year on the show. (Plus all the You Tube exposure!)  Jim’s production team will design a 15 second commercial to your satisfaction to air every week.  Your brand will be part of every show on H&H! 1500.00 (Does not include show mentions or product in use during show) If you combine main page advertising and a weekly commercial, you receive benefits of both for a yearly cost of 2000.00 


Weekly Newsletter

  On a bi monthly bais we send the letter out to our constantly growing list of subscribers as well as people in the outdoor industry.  The newsletter contains updated information about Hook and Hunt, Jim's public appearances and also the link to the show.   They read the letter and go to the show.  26 newsletters a year with a consistent flow of new potential customers each week!   Your cost is 800.00 per year


A big hit with You Tubers and subscribers is the “Tip of the Week” It entertains and informs the viewers about a portion of the show, with HOW and WHY we are doing something.  Being an advertiser on this portion of the show gives you 52 weeks of voice over mention and product picture during the tip. You become part of the show every week!   A very powerful, and constant reminder of your product.  Total cost for the Year 4000.00 per year.  (This spot is taken for the 2018 advertised year)

Filming Options

Hook and Hunt specialize in bringing your products, places and adventures alive on the internet. Our high definition segments not only highlight your services, but visually express them in an extremely professional and highly energetic way.  Package cost will vary, depending on amount of services that you require.   H&H TV.COM services may include but are not limited to time, distance traveled, production cost, individuals and/or businesses involved in filming.

Web Commercials

A web commercial that will highlight your brand on your site can be an essential visual aid to selling your product, service or destination.  A sixty second commercial produced and edited is 3000.00.  Our turnaround time is second to none!  Everything is in house and we are in constant contact with you to develop the hardest hitting and informative advertisement to help you raise your bottom line!  Let us know what YOU want.  We can discuss and build what YOU need!!



Additional editing and production cost such as commercials designed for television markets or specialized product videos are discussed and arranged through H&H 

These costs are additional to any package. 

Travel and accommodation expenses are also paid by advertiser for all destinations.

Please contact Jim with your vision for what you what accomplished for your business.


For more information on how Hook and Hunt TV.Com can assist you in raising your bottom line and achieving your goals contact:

Jim Crowley


“God made me a fisherman and a hunter.  I am proud of both and apologize to no one.”