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Hold 'em Tight

Yes I'm a duck and goose hunter. I have the addiction, its bad and admitting is the first step. There are lots of my kind. We get up early, load all our gear, guns, dog and whatever we can cram into bags of camouflage. Anything to get a shot at a duck. Duck hunting is a passion that has transcended the generations. It survives, and is thriving again with the influx of young hunters and organizations like Delta Waterfowl and smaller American made companies that always want to find a way to make hunting easier and more effective. Make no mistake waterfowl hunting can be hard work, but water fowlers are a resourceful bunch and one of those companies is Backwoods Decoy Systems owned by Bradley Markey from Paducah, Kentucky.
One of the most successful and easy ways to hunt puddle ducks in shallow water is the Texas-style of rigging. However Backwoods decoy Systems has made this "system" more durable, practical and learned how to make it more effective in even slightly deeper water. The original "Texas-Style" consisted of a short line with a loop at the end that was held tight by a crimp. That loop attached to a carabineer clip at the other end was a sliding weight that was stopped at the end of the short line by a clip. That clip attached to your decoy and when you threw it out the weight slides down to the crimped loop and holds to the bottom. No winding line around decoys and you can pick up extremely quickly. As time went on, a better and more effective mouse trap was definitely needed.
Backwoods Decoy Systems improved on the original system in several productive ways:
1) The clip is gone, replaced by a high quality split ring. Clips were mostly cheap and when your weight got hung up that clip would easily bend or break.
2) The crimp is now reinforced and actually gets stronger with the more pressure you put on it.
3) There are 3 foot extensions that can conveniently be stored in your blind bag and be added to the split rings to make your lines longer and can be removed very quickly and easily once you pick up. This is a fantastic idea and a must for any serious duck or goose hunter!
4) Speaking of geese, owner Bradley Markey made this new system to also hold in place big goose floating decoys with a new 10 oz. pyramid weight that will hold to the bottom. Original weights would not hold the big floaters and easily moved out of your spread with even the slightest breeze. That problem is now solved.

Backwoods decoy Systems is a serious waterfowl company that is owned by water fowlers who know the game. There is no re-invention of the wheel here. These are well designed American made products. I am using this system this year and know they will aid my hunting with productive results. Check out and make hunting over water, more effective and productive with a system that really works. I look forward to seeing more from the Backwoods gang as they are off to a great start!